Ray Charles on Hee Haw
What can I say about the late great Ray Charles that hasn't been said? The man has knocked down so many walls and built so many bridges that he should have been given an honorary contractor's license.

Here is a short list of some Mr. Charles' accomplishments:

Eddy Fukano Update 2
Eddy Fukano
Eddy Fukano has generated more page views, email, and general interest than anything else I have posted on my site. Just under half of the hits I get from search engines are looking for Eddy Fukano. My original article Yodeling Japanese has topped my "most read" list for months. I can't remember any email from visitors that wasn't about Eddy Fukano. (I'm thinking of changing over to an Eddy Fukano fansite!)

The most recent Fukano sighting comes from Dear Visitor Dawn, who considerately sent me this signed promo shot of Eddy and a fascinating story behind the photo's origin:

A drummer joke

Craig Ferguson had a funny bit about drummers on the Late Late Show the other night. I am no drummer, but I have dabbled a little. I don't agree with Craig's assertion that playing the drums is easy. Like a lot of instruments, it's easy to get the basics down, but much more difficult to gain some profiency. Some of the best musicians I know are drummers.

Carson, Carney and Caesar
I miss Johnny Carson. I've been catching reruns of Carson's Comedy Classics on TV and I ran across this great clip featuring Sid Caesar, Art Carney, and Johnny Carson jamming on the Tonight Show.
My First Instrument
Me_first_accordionI started playing the accordion around age six or seven. There was a local music conservatory called Hobart Harmony House that gave out six free lessons as a way to hook the student. My older brother started a few years before me, but he didn't take. I did.

The six free lessons went well enough. I used a borrowed instrument for those first lessons. If I was going to continue, I needed an instrument of my own. With instruments costing well into the thousands of dollars, it seemed my burgeoning musical career was to come to a quick end.

Enter my Grandma Sue. Grandpa Les and Grandma Sue were no blood relation, but they were my Godparents. They lived just up the street from us. They both played a huge role in my formative growing-up years, but I'll save most of that for another time.

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