Further Fukano
Another fantastic Eddy Fukano fan has written me with another sighting to report. The Eddy Fukano saga continues...
Hi... I was thrilled to see my Eddy again.  I knew of him from his performances at the Wagon lounge in Portland, Oregon about 40 years ago.  I have his Eastside Westside album and I, too, am amazed at his yodeling.  I am glad to see he is back in the northwest, in the Seattle area.  He used to fake a guitar problem and state -- "No wonder -- Made in USA!"  He is a charmer and so talented.   Thanks for the video.  It brought back memories for me.
Many thanks to dear visitor "S" for taking the time to share her memories. And in case you want to catch up with the previous episodes in the Eddy Fukano saga, click here.