Eddie Broke a String
The Renegade Clowns are back for part two in our ongoing series of madness and mayhem...

Today's Renegade Clowns performance is called The New One. I couldn't remember the title and had to look it up from the mix down session recordings. It's been a long time since I listened to this stuff. It's shocking how completely different the song is with Buddy's vocals.

I first met Eddie (guitarist) and Buddy (bassist/vocalist) back in high school. I've known Eric (percussionist) since we were in elementary school together, but it wasn't until we all started hanging out in high school that we became good friends.

Our paths merged early in 1988 when we all came together via different projects for the Great Merrillville High School Revue of 1988. Eric, Buddy, and I - along with Steve and Matt (the camera men) - played together performing two songs for the review that year. One was an "original" song (quotes because significant parts were stolen from our friends' band's song!) called Human Nature. The second was Level 42's Lessons in Love. I played bass on the former, Buddy on the latter. You can watch those videos on my Music Video page, near the bottom of the page in the My Videos player, at the bottom of the list. You can skip Human Nature, but you should check out Lessons in Love - Buddy's awesome. Eddie was in a different band, but that's his scarf I'm wearing in the videos. I think it complements my ensemble nicely.

In case you missed part one, you can catch up by reading the original article Pirate Treasure. Click the image to watch the video in a pop up player, or check it out in the big player on my Music Video page along with Booty and lots more.

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