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Stuck In the Middle
Friday, 02 March 2012 10:15
20120302_severeA significant severe weather outbreak is expected today. The SPC issued a High Risk area centered right over Kentucky. A sizable Moderate Risk area surrounds the High Risk extending from central Indiana and central/western Ohio north to central Mississippi and Alabama south, from the Illinois-Missouri border on the west to northern Georgia, the western Carolinas and West Virgina east. A Slight Risk area surrounds this extending all the way to western New York and south to Louisiana.  A PSWO has been issued for areas in the High and Moderate Risks. The 7:00 a.m. Outlook Update places us just outside the Sight Risk area but within the five-percent area.

While much of the eastern US is expecting some kind of severe storms, including strong and long-lasting tornadoes, the bigger story around here is heavy snow expected for northern Illinois. The SPC briefing this morning dealt exclusively with the severe weather threat across the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys today, while our local Severe Weather briefing spent most of their time on the heavy snow, with more than two inches per hour expected in some locations.

20120302_WC_severeCurrently, we're stuck right in the middle of the two events. We're not expected to get much if any snow, and although thunderstorms are expected, the severe threat is greatest a county or two south of us. While not particularly likely, we stand a chance for near 60 degree temperatures with severe storms this afternoon and accumulating snowfall tonight and overnight.

At 10:00 a.m. this morning, Storm and Tornado Watches and Warnings are already popping up all over the map. A sizable Severe Thunderstorm Watch area from western Illinois to central and southern Indiana (ending on the north just two counties to our south) just got upgraded to a PDS Tornado Watch.  Central Tennessee is already lit up with tornado warnings, with storm warnings stretching from the Illinois-Missouri border east to central Indiana, with a smattering of warnings in West Virginia and North Carolina. And the event is just getting started.

Today is going to be a rough day for a lot of people.

The forecast looks to be on track with a wintry weekend for us with temperatures dropping back into the 30s with periodic chances of light snow. The coming week looks pleasant with temperatures getting back into the 50s and little chance of precipitation until the end of the week.
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