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Monday, 28 May 2012 14:30
20120528_severeIt's been hot lately. Several heat records have been met or broken the last couple of days. Despite temperatures reaching the upper 90s, the humidity has been really low keeping things relatively comfortable.

In my continuing sporadic efforts at keeping up with the weather here, I find myself playing catch up again. My last post talked about severe potential, which never materialized for us but we did get a lot of rain - 2.12 inches - in the gauge on May 7. The storms were strong and boomy, but little more than a lot of noise and a lot of rain. The Region did experience a bit of severe weather on May 20, when we received a slew of Special Statements and several Severe Thunderstorm Warnings. We escaped unscathed, but an area in Gary (just to our north) experienced a significant microburst causing some damage but fortunately no injuries. We got 0.8 inches of rain during that period.

Today brings another slight chance for severe weather. Currently, eastern Minnesota, all of Wisconsin, and southern sections of the UP are under a Severe Thunderstorm Watch with a few Warnings popping up. Our severe potential is questionable at this point. Scattered storms are expected later this evening, but the coverage is uncertain so far. If we do get any rain, it will be the first in over a week.

After today, the record heat is supposed to gradually chill until we reach seasonal or slightly below temperatures later in the week. The next couple of days are expected to be dry with chances for showers returning later in the week and over the weekend.
05/20/2012 0718 PM
4 miles SSW of Gary, Lake County.
Downburst, reported by NWS storm survey.
A microrburst with Max winds of 85 to 90 mph. Damage path-length - 1.25 miles, width - 1/3 of a mile - near Cleveland St between 41st and 45th Ave. Severe damage to strip mall at Cleveland St and 41st Ave. Windows shattered and cinder block wall collapsed at south end of strip mall. Tent blown onto power lines. Numerous trees snapped or uprooted... with some trees or limbs fallen onto homes and cars.
Weather Underground PWS KINMERRI5

Weather Underground PWS KINMERRI5

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