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There is Still Weather
Thursday, 20 December 2012 12:48
It has been about five months since I've been here. There has been weather during that whole time, but no comments from me for lots of reasons which I won't bother to go into.

To sum up the last five months: it's been hot (and then warm) and until recently exceptionally dry. Our backyard pond is at its lowest level or second lowest level in memory. There was a bit of severe weather mostly at the end of July through the first week of August. Most of the other severe alerts were tied with the exceptional heat including Heat Advisories and Air Quality Alerts. We had our first Frost Advisory on September 22. A few Wind Advisories were thrown in, and we even had a High Wind Warning right before Halloween.

The Big News that brings me back here is our first Winter Storm of the season. A Winter Storm Watch was issued yesterday and upgraded to a Winter Storm Warning overnight. Our area isn't expected to get much snow, maybe a couple of inches, but the winds are expected to be very strong, with sustained winds between 30 and 40 mph and gusts up to 60 mph. Areas further north and west are under Blizzard Warnings and could get as much as eight inches of snow with white out conditions.

The last 24 hours brought the heaviest rains in a long time. I had 0.98 inches in the gauge this morning, and it's been raining off and on all day, sometimes heavily.

In other news, the Honeywell Station and additional setup continues to drive me crazy and make me sad. Honeywell itself has been behaving very well. I haven't noticed a sensor drop until last night, and that was after I accidentally knocked the sensor from its usual location. I put it back, reset Honeywell, and all's been fine since. The big upset is after my computer crashed and I reloaded the OS, finally upgrading to Windows 7, I simply cannot get the software to work properly. Honeywell is going along just fine, doing what it is supposed to do, but for some reason I cannot fathom the software does not show accurate data. No matter what I try the temperature is always 32 degrees, the pressure is something impossible, and much of the rest of the data is useless. I have on my list of Things To Do to configure an older XP system I have sitting around to be a dedicated weather server, and hopefully that will fix the data error problem. If that does not work, then I am at a total loss of how to proceed. We'll see.

Now that Winter is at our doorstep (yay!) I might just be motivated to blog a bit more regularly.

While we in the Midwest are experiencing the first big Winter Storm of the season, parts of the south are seeing severe weather with strong winds and even a few tornadoes. Much of the country is under Wind Advisories or Warnings, too. So wherever you are, stay safe, dry, warm, and hopefully enjoy the Season despite (or because of!) the weather.
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