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The Dead - Take 2
Phil LeshI wanted to record and post The Dead's performance on David Letterman from a couple weeks ago, but we had storms come through and mess up the satellite reception. Fortunately, they reran the episode the other night. So for your listening and watching enjoyment, head on over to my Music Video page and check out their performance. Highlights: Phil's glow-in-the-dark bass and Warren Haynes.

I can't say too much about the Grateful Dead one way or another. I am not a Deadhead, although I am a fan of the music. I did see one show which just happened to be Brent Mydland’s last show. I am glad for the experience, but was never anxious to repeat it. The closest I came was Bonnaroo 2004, but that was a whole other experience.

Regardless of how you feel about the music, you must admit that The (Grateful) Dead are remarkable for a number of reasons: their free-form improvisational ability, their encyclopedic repertoire, and their enduring stature are some of the most obvious.

I hope you enjoy the show. And let's hear it for reruns!

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