Eddy Fukano Update
Eddy FukanoI'm impressed. I had not one but two emails from my wonderful visitors informing me about an Eddy Fukano sighting. Here is what they kindly sent me - Eddy Fukano Dance Band.

I must admit that I did find that page when I posted my original Eddy article. I was pretty sure it was the same Eddy, but without any mention of country music or Hee Haw I was reluctant to post the link as a bona fide source. I mean, how many Japanese musicians named "Eddy Fukano" could possibly be out there? The age was about right, and he certainly looks like he could be the same man. But I decided to err on the side of caution in this case.

Due to the rabid response I've received (two emails is rabid considering they're the ONLY responses I've gotten from my site so far!) I decided to post Eddy Fukano's other performance from Hee Haw. It's not quite as exciting as the first performance I posted, mostly because he doesn't yodel, but I wanted to make it available for all the Eddy Fukano fans out there.

One last thing before I leave you for today, dear visitor. I screwed up the man's name. I hate that, and I have no one to blame but myself. Hee Haw listed the spelling in the credits and also in the relevant web pages as "Eddie". During my 'Net searches, in the few places I found anything, I saw it spelled both ways, with an "ie" and a "y". But all I had to do was open my stupid eyes and look at the man's guitar! He clearly spells his first name "Eddy" in large, easily read letters on the fret board of his guitar. I think it's safe to assume Mr. Fukano knows the preferred spelling of his own first name.

I'd like to offer my sincere gratitude to CP and JW for visiting my humble site and especially for taking the time to inform me about Mr. Fukano's current whereabouts. I hope you enjoy the show!
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