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Levon_HelmOur newest video entry features Mr. Levon Helm (of The Band fame) performing on David Letterman.

Just for the record, I must state that even though I am not a huge The Band fan, I firmly believe The Last Waltz is the greatest concert film of all time. Great show, great performances, great line up, great DVD treatment. All around superb. Every music fan should have a copy in their personal library.

Even though Mr. Helm is looking a bit old (I never would have recognized him) and his voice cracks a bit here and there, he still manages to put forth an excellent performance. Not full of chops, no big showy flair, but oozing with professionalism and competence. All young musicians should aspire to have such style and class.

Check out Levon Helm performing Tennessee Jed from his album Electric Dirt on my Music Video page.

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