Now featuring - the Weather!
I've added a new feature to the website - my local weather! And by "local" I mean about twenty feet out my front door.

Last Christmas, Santa brought me a Honeywell TN924W weather station. It's a cool little unit, with an anemometer, rain gauge, and temperature and pressure sensor. It also has the capability to upload the weather data to a website. However, the software to do that, or rather the "easy to use" software to do that, was prohibitively expensive until recently. I just got the software for my birthday, and after a couple weeks of occasionally beating on the unit, I finally have something to show for it.

"Something" being an apt term. It's still not working right. But I'm excited to have gotten this far so I'm letting it go live. I still have quite a few bugs to work out, but on the off chance anybody knows how to deal with Weather View software and uploading the data from a Honeywell weather station, please check out my page here and then This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and tell me what I'm doing wrong.

Just a note for those of you who care: the rain gauge is disabled for the winter because I'm afraid the extreme cold and freezing might damage it. If you really want to know the precipitation amounts outside my front door, check out my CoCoRAHS page (station number: