Fukano Furor Flourishes
My new friend "D" emailed me a few days ago with yet another Eddy Fukano sighting. Below is an edited version of D's email.
A few minutes ago, I googled "Eddie Fukano". I enjoyed your article on Eddy Fukano, which was the first "hit" I clicked on.  Very good video clip, which brought back memories from mid-1970s Sacramento, CA TV.

Back then there was a weekly local country music TV program.  I think it was called The Lloyd Hickey Show.  If not, then, for certain, (the late) Lloyd Hickey was the emcee.  His show was on every Saturday afternoon. Back then, I think Eddy Fukano was a touring musician who went up and down the west coast. The video clip of Eddy Fukano that you showed represents pretty much what I recall of his singing prowess.  When I saw him on local TV, his yodeling was often featured.  He also performed songs that didn't involve yodeling.

Eddy Fukano was part of the Buck Owens stable of stars.  Some of the others under his wing were Susan Raye, Lawanda Lindsey, David Frizzell, Buddy Alan (Buck's son), Buck's band...
I'm sorry to say I couldn't find much about Mr. Hickey. The best I could come up with were some reader's comments on Mr. Hickey’s obituary page (link is good until 8/8/2010). Sadly, he passed away this past August (2009).

I continue to be amazed at Eddy Fukano's popularity. My original article is still by far the most popular article. And he continues to drive a slow but steady stream of visitors to my site.

Many thanks go out to D for taking the time to share his story. And if you have an Eddy Fukano sighting to report, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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