Anything Goes
Herb Alpert is one of a group of musicians that straddles the line between awesomely cool and unapologetically cheesy. Other members of this group include Chuck Mangione and Spyro Gyra. What separates these "smooth jazz" musicians from the Kenny Gs of the world is that not only do these guys have chops, but they have some serious groove going on.

Take for example this clip of Herb and Lani Hall from the Craig Ferguson show. Just check out those cheesy grins on Herb and Lani as the piece starts. You can feel the smarm in the air. But woven within all that warm smoothness is some serious funk. Check out bassist Hussain Jiffry. Herb Alpert is a monster in the music world. He can command any musician he chooses. That he chooses a musician like Hussain says worlds about his coolness factor. The man is hip. The man is so cool you could keep a side of beef in him for a month.

I've never been a big Herb Alpert fan, but his new album Anything Goes is getting great reviews. It's going on my list.

Enjoy the show! And do yourself a favor and watch the video on the big player on my Music Video page.

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