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A Fortune

My Chinese dinner (oh Wah Yuen, what makes your egg rolls so good?) included this fortune: "The universe without music would be madness." While I agree, this reminds me of The Chaste Planet by John Updike in which the reverse is true.

In the story, humans encounter the Minervans, creatures living within the planet Jupiter on a hidden planet dubbed Minerva. The humans eventually discover the Minervan's hidden intense musical life. The Minervan's word for "music" is the same as for "life", as "silence" is the same as "death".

When humans bring Minervans to Earth, they are so inundated with music that they experience a type of insanity. Sometimes I think I know exactly how they feel.

I encourage you to visit your local library and read Mr. Updike's short story for yourself. And while you're there, check out the millions of other great stories they have there.
Further Fukano
Another fantastic Eddy Fukano fan has written me with another sighting to report. The Eddy Fukano saga continues...
Hi... I was thrilled to see my Eddy again.  I knew of him from his performances at the Wagon lounge in Portland, Oregon about 40 years ago.  I have his Eastside Westside album and I, too, am amazed at his yodeling.  I am glad to see he is back in the northwest, in the Seattle area.  He used to fake a guitar problem and state -- "No wonder -- Made in USA!"  He is a charmer and so talented.   Thanks for the video.  It brought back memories for me.
Many thanks to dear visitor "S" for taking the time to share her memories. And in case you want to catch up with the previous episodes in the Eddy Fukano saga, click here.
Eddy Fukano for President
Eddy_Fukano_page_2Notes from Eddy Fukano fans, friends, and family keep showing up in my inbox. Today's entry in the Eddy Fukano archive comes from another family member and includes some really neat tidbits for all the Eddy Fukano fans out there.

Hello,  It was so nice to find your page about Eddy.  It is good to know that so many people remember his country music with such fondness.

Fabulous Fukano Family
Eddy_Fukano_newThe Eddy Fukano emails keep rolling in. In fact, I can hardly keep up. Today, I have not one but TWO Eddy Fukano sightings to report!

The first comes from perhaps the ultimate authority other than Mr. Fukano himself. I received this wonderful email (slightly edited) from none other than Eddy Fukano's daughter.
I stumbled across your article and videos on the Yodeling Japanese, and the promo photo today.  I'm his daughter, and I have always loved that photo. The stage costume he wore in that photo is hanging in a glass case along with lots of other Eddy Fukano memorabilia in a country western bar in Tokyo.

A fan in California also contacted me recently and sent me another photo and 45 of SUKIYAKI...  I was in an airport a few years ago and felt a strange melancholy suddenly fall over me... when my brain finally filtered out all the noise and chaos, I realized it was my dad's song playing.

R.I.P. Lena Horne
Lena_HorneMultiple Grammy winner, NAACP Image Award winner, and Kennedy Center Honors recipient Lena Horne passed away May 9 at age 92.

Whenever I think of the great classy jazz vocalists, Ms. Horne comes first to mind. I always found her sultry, sophisticated style particularly engaging. Along with other great vocalists such as Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday, Lena Horne forged a path through contemporary music and American culture that will long be remembered, and that we all should be grateful for.

Fukano Furor Flourishes
My new friend "D" emailed me a few days ago with yet another Eddy Fukano sighting. Below is an edited version of D's email.
A few minutes ago, I googled "Eddie Fukano". I enjoyed your article on Eddy Fukano, which was the first "hit" I clicked on.  Very good video clip, which brought back memories from mid-1970s Sacramento, CA TV.

Back then there was a weekly local country music TV program.  I think it was called The Lloyd Hickey Show.  If not, then, for certain, (the late) Lloyd Hickey was the emcee.  His show was on every Saturday afternoon. Back then, I think Eddy Fukano was a touring musician who went up and down the west coast. The video clip of Eddy Fukano that you showed represents pretty much what I recall of his singing prowess.  When I saw him on local TV, his yodeling was often featured.  He also performed songs that didn't involve yodeling.

Eddy Fukano was part of the Buck Owens stable of stars.  Some of the others under his wing were Susan Raye, Lawanda Lindsey, David Frizzell, Buddy Alan (Buck's son), Buck's band...
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