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Levon Helm
Levon_HelmOur newest video entry features Mr. Levon Helm (of The Band fame) performing on David Letterman.

Just for the record, I must state that even though I am not a huge The Band fan, I firmly believe The Last Waltz is the greatest concert film of all time. Great show, great performances, great line up, great DVD treatment. All around superb. Every music fan should have a copy in their personal library.

I wanna be cool like that.
This is the coolest video I have seen in a long time. I'm glad to see it's finding its way across the 'Net. I want to do my part.

Wherever these great people are, I wish them countless more years of making happy music. Thanks for the good feelings!

Fran and Marlow Cowan have been married for 62 years. This short video shows an impromptu piano recital they gave at the Mayo Clinic.
Jazz Education
Wynton MarsalisJust popping in here to say I've added Wynton Marsalis and his group performing "School Boy" (again from the David Letterman show) to my Music Video page.

Not much to say about this. Wynton Marsalis = nine Grammy awards + Artistic Director of Jazz at Lincoln Center + Pulitzer Prize for Music. 'nuff said.

Enjoy the show!
Eddy Fukano Update
Eddy FukanoI'm impressed. I had not one but two emails from my wonderful visitors informing me about an Eddy Fukano sighting. Here is what they kindly sent me - Eddy Fukano Dance Band.

I must admit that I did find that page when I posted my original Eddy article. I was pretty sure it was the same Eddy, but without any mention of country music or Hee Haw I was reluctant to post the link as a bona fide source. I mean, how many Japanese musicians named "Eddy Fukano" could possibly be out there? The age was about right, and he certainly looks like he could be the same man. But I decided to err on the side of caution in this case.
The Dead - Take 2
Phil LeshI wanted to record and post The Dead's performance on David Letterman from a couple weeks ago, but we had storms come through and mess up the satellite reception. Fortunately, they reran the episode the other night. So for your listening and watching enjoyment, head on over to my Music Video page and check out their performance. Highlights: Phil's glow-in-the-dark bass and Warren Haynes.
Manchester Orchestra
Machester OrchestraI caught Manchester Orchestra on David Letterman awhile back and my first thought was, "I should put these guys on the site." But then I hesitated. Then I checked my analytics and saw that I've had a few more unexpected visitors (yay!) and I decided I needed to keep posting so I have something new to share.

I like these guys. I like the song. I came to the conclusion that they are "page worthy" for a couple of reasons: the big furry lead singer is not the typical front man type, which in my book gives them a good dose of credibility; and the song has a couple of neat moments that elevate it slightly above the "good" range to "really good".

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