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1. RIP Eddy Fukano
UPDATE: Members of the Fabulous Fukano Family have set up a Facebook page to share information. Eddy Fukano Facebook Many people have contacted me ...
2. Further Fukano
Another fantastic Eddy Fukano fan has written me with another sighting to report. The Eddy Fukano saga continues... Hi... I was thrilled to see my Eddy again.  I knew of him from his performances at ...
Notes from Eddy Fukano fans, friends, and family keep showing up in my inbox. Today's entry in the Eddy Fukano archive comes from another family member and includes some really neat tidbits for all the ...
4. Fabulous Fukano Family
The Eddy Fukano emails keep rolling in. In fact, I can hardly keep up. Today, I have not one but TWO Eddy Fukano sightings to report! The first comes from perhaps the ultimate authority other than Mr. ...
My new friend "D" emailed me a few days ago with yet another Eddy Fukano sighting. Below is an edited version of D's email. A few minutes ago, I googled "Eddie Fukano". I enjoyed your article on Eddy ...
6. Eddy Fukano Update 2
Eddy Fukano has generated more page views, email, and general interest than anything else I have posted on my site. Just under half of the hits I get from search engines are looking for Eddy Fukano. ...
7. Eddy Fukano Update
I'm impressed. I had not one but two emails from my wonderful visitors informing me about an Eddy Fukano sighting. Here is what they kindly sent me - Eddy Fukano Dance Band. I must admit that I did find ...
8. Yodeling Japanese
Fukano.xml Some stuff is too cool or unusual to keep to myself. Today's exhibit of the bizarre, again courtesy of Hee Haw, is Japanese country singer/yodeler Eddie (Eddy) Fukano. The first time I ...

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